A video went viral on the 14th of march 2019, of a young girl expelled for non payment of school fees, which was a very poignant video especially when she said “she preferred to be flogged than sent out of school and they will be tired of flogging her”. Her name was found out to be Success Adegor, and when a lady called Gloria Ogo who had a philanthropic heart went in search of her from warri to sapele led to serious discovery of factual situation of the school.

Questions in mind when I saw the Success school environment, just days after school pupils’ lives were lost in a distressed school building , which was on the top floor of the four-storey building in Ita Faji on Lagos Island, at least 10 people died and many more are feared trapped after a building containing a school collapsed  on the 13th of March 2019 at about 10:00 local time (09:00 GMT). The building had been identified as "distressed" and listed for demolition, Lagos building officials told the BBC. 

The state of these schools makes you wonder if Nigerian minsters understand the oath they take to serve their community and country/ Where are the local councillors, Minister of Education who are accountable to the Governor of Delta [Governor Ifeanyi  Okowa] as he cannot be everywhere. He is now serving 2nd term with schools looking inhabitable for a dog house with decapitated classrooms for schooling for children; are these same councillors and ministers who seemly have not done their service duties in his 1st term now serving 2nd term as well along with Governor Okowa? If the funds allocated to Education are spent on these schools - will the Head Mistress of Okotie-Eboh primary school and other schools heads be levying illegal fees from the students? Its bewildering to observe that with impunity someone is embezzling the money allocated to Education as it is sad without regard for children’s lives being put at risk daily. Imagine children getting ready to go to school with no chairs, no tables, no staff room, and no roof to protect them from sun and rain. The politicians of Nigeria are not just corrupt they are wicked hearten and self centred. They spend allocated budgets funds into self pockets and do not have the drive for provision of good education for the masses who voted them in their positions. The worst is a leader surrounding themselves with awful advisers ; while they send their children abroad to school and use public funds allocated for infrastructures, education, and security for self in self wealth driven greed that awaits karma.

RAP tried locating a media communication avenue for Delta Government and when non was located, I remembered I knew someone who is in the governor’s close clique and I sent him a message to help convey urgent help cry of Okotie-Eboh primary school to the governor, and his reaction as you can see below was to block me off his whats-hap – People forget their foundation and that there is a God who sees all actions to the intent of the heart and rewards according to actions. As a friend and close clique to the Governor, it’s expected of his close cliques as a mandatory duty to watch his back and bring such crisis that is shameful and life risk under his administration to his attention! But when God want to bring deliverance to a community, He will use anyone,  any medium and God is not a respecter of persons but a God of purpose that can use the impossible to bring out destiny of the oppressed and bring the disregarded to limelight of his grace as he did in this situation. It did not only get to the Governor, but became a worldwide exposition of human right violation of innocent children's education by his administration and graceful promotion for the oppressed as a voice of a child outcry for good education was heard that a commissioner was appointed to fulfil as an adviser to the Governor. Many a time as evident in this case, it is not the leader at fault in the failure of his administration, but the kind of clique he has created in his personal life and empowered with authority in his administration - they will either bring grace or disgrace to him/her. We all learn everyday with wisdom and should also be careful what seed we sow in the journey of life as God's karma is reality that cannot be revoked.


It is discovered that Hon. Commissioner Chiedu Ebie is serving 2nd term as the Basic & Secondary Education, Delta State. The most unacceptable justification as he stated in response to the viral video of success was – As a responsible and responsive government, it is our duty to address issues that affect the citizenry of the State and in doing so, we will ensure that renovation works are carried out satisfactorily and within Since the inception of this administration, the Delta State Government through the Ministry of Basic & Secondary Education and its parastatals have carried out the Construction/Renovation of 4,738 Classrooms in addition to rehabilitating and re-positioning the six Technical Colleges in the State.

1)      Head Teacher of the School had no right to impose any levy or fees on the pupils of her School. In my brief encounter with the Head Teacher this morning, there appeared to be numerous inconsistencies in her response on this issue as she was unable to categorically state who authorised her to impose the levies or fees which is in clear breach of the extant rules. Consequently, I have directed the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) to suspend the Head Teacher pending the outcome of a formal enquiry into the issue of unauthorised levies/ and fees imposed by her in the School.

2)      On the state of the infrastructure; it is important to clarify that Okotie Eboh Primary Schools I and II, Sapele exist in two locations in the same neighbourhood and within a minute's walk of each other. Having discovered the dilapidated state of the infrastructure in the Schools, steps were immediately taken by the State Government, through the Ministry of Basic & Secondary Education, to carry out a phased renovation and upgrade of the infrastructural facilities beginning with Okotie Eboh Primary School II. It is important to place on record and for the avoidance of doubt that the Contract of the first phase was awarded on the 29th of December 2018 and work has since commenced.

 Executive council -Headteacher

 The Executive Council exists to advise and direct the Governor. Their appointment as members of the Executive Council gives them the authority to execute power over their fields to serve the community, in which, Hon. Commissioner Chiedu Ebie  is the Basic & Secondary Education, Delta State and has failed with the state of dilapidated schools as Okotie Eboh Primary School,Sapele and Ime-Obi Secondary School, Agbor and so many others spotted around Delta state.  N13.6billion was said to have recently been paid as education counterpart funds; then there must have been similar funds allocation for last four years so where was the allocated public funds spent? It leaves the public to wonder how come dilapidated schools are evident with pupils’ life at risk with human rights violations. Head teachers have been sacked for obviously carrying out mandated approval to levy N100 for things in the schools from the same State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) asked to suspend the Head teachers being used as scapegoats for their exposition. The head teachers should be pardoned as the Governor should know that they are victims as well of the negligence  of  his executive adviser - Commissioner  of Basic & Secondary Education, Delta State.  Who have failed in his duty for collecting and collating data for purposes of educational planning and financing; controlling the quality of education in the state through the supervisory role of the Inspectorate Services Department within his field of Ministry.

Dilapidated status of these schools obviously is a revelation that there have not been execution of collecting and collating data for purposes of educational planning and financing; nor any controlling of the quality of education in the state through the supervisory role of the Inspectorate Services Department within his field of Ministry as evidently, funds have not be allocated to run and maintain them and  Delta state has been known to have had issues with salary challenge payment of the primary school teachers for years. While other civil servants in the ministries, parastatals and agencies receive their salaries, at times two weeks into the new month, primary school teachers can only pray for their salaries to come at the end of may be four or five months in Delta state. Why would Head teachers not boost up the said approved N100 to N900 to keep them and their staff going when they are deprived of their basic income? The Commissioner  of Basic & Secondary Education, Delta State should be ashamed of himself as his negligence has worldwide been publicly expose by a viral video outcry of a child as Success Adegor to raise a school bullying tactics alarm of being deprived good education to open the can of worms eating up allocated educational public funds and to imagine his tried to blame head teachers levying fees as a  justification reaction , instead of the main reason of the Commissioner of Education suspension of the head teacher being for allowing publicity but with impunity using illegal fees levy as a covered up. 

RAP statement

RAP believes that as recognised worldwide, any public servant as a commissioner who has failed to accomplish his service duty should resign or be suspended and investigated by the Governor to proof that his government is responsible and responsive  to address issues that affect the citizenry of the State he administers and in doing so would stop his administration faulted in disgrace  and from having such commissioners  serving into 2nd term with him, because the state of dilapidated schools as Okotie Eboh Primary School, Sapele and Ime-Obi Secondary School, Agbor and so many others spotted around Delta state shows  there has been a bad educational system for 4years under Governor Okowa administration and perceptibly does not proof  that renovation works are carried out satisfactorily and within  the administration since the inception of the past 1st term of administration  by the authority placed upon his commissioner of  Basic & Secondary Education, Delta to execute power over his fields to serve the community in which there has been a breach of Universal Basic Education (UBE) Act, which requires that Basic Education Level is FREE which is expected to be good and in safe environment which we have evidently seen in this case in Delta State that most Nigerian public education system lack and not fit for purpose, which is a breach of ARTICLE 25. Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for.... health and well-being and ARTICLE 26. Everyone has the right to education.

It is important that all appointed ministers as advisers to elected leaders have to focus on description of their post instead of using victims [Head teachers who heaped authorised fees of N100 to N900 or more because their salary has not been paid] as a scapegoat for their negligence for failing the public education system they have taken an oath of office to serve with integrity..What is Commissioner Chiedu Ebie of Basic & Secondary Education, Delta State has done through the media broadcast is a play of psychological defence mechanism of denial of his exposed failures through projecting responsibility and blame on others.[the head teachers levied fees and actioning their dismissal] It allows him as the main perpetrator of this human right violation of good education and environment of Delta Schools to eliminate negative feelings about himself and provides a sense of gratification to self, which he should know better not to project as a Barrister and his action is unacceptable by law and must not be ignored. The Head Teacher - Mrs. Vero Igbigwe  of the dilapidated Okotie Eboh Primary School, Sapele should be re-instated as her dismissal is unfair while the main human right violator - Commissioner Chiedu Ebie of Basic & Secondary Education, Delta State is still occupying his post where he has failed for past 4 years to execute power over his fields to serve the community in which there has been a breach of Universal Basic Education (UBE) Act and human right of good basic education; and unbelievably serving a second term before his exposure.


We can only thank God for the voice of a child as Success Adegor who is an ambassador of good educational governance and has brought sanity of good educational outcry to all schools in Delta State and other states around Nigeria. May the Lord bless the individual, called Stephanie who unconsciously used her educational skills and empathy to raise awareness of Success suspension from school; May the divine favour of God locate her with recognition that benefits her for bringing Success [STEPHANIE MUST BE RECOGNISED AS THE DESTINY HELPER OF SUCCESS ADEGOR WHO RECORDED THE VIDEO WITH HER PHONE THAT WENT VIRAL AND SHOULD BE APPRECIATED AS SUCH FOR THE RAISING AWARENESS ] and her family to a limelight that has banked Success a scholarship and recognition worldwide as a voice of good educational governance and her generation which she endeavours to become, as a Pastor and a Lawyer.(c)RAP 23/3/2019