RAP NIGERIA is a Christian based organization; we do not offer aid to people on the condition that we are allowed to share Christian beliefs only. Where other ministries and humanitarian organizations have failed, we intend to have victory and success by bridging gaps.. Our aim is to provide aid or programs to help all citizens in need of our aid with the resources we have. Furthermore, our mission is for the long term and remains for years providing training, education, community programs, food, medical help, and more.

RAP NIGERIA works with the entire communities rather than just focusing efforts on the sponsorship of one child within the community. RAP NIGERIA believes in helping the poor, oppressed, and abused in the society over a long period of time, and reaching places those other humanitarian organizations will not go and addressing issues others will not touch that is destroying lives and the future of our country.

It was easy for us to take off firstly with the humanitarian aspect of our objectives, because the founder of RAP for years even before R.A.P -Nigeria was initiated in 2006, has always had the heart for humanitarian needs of the deprived by paying hospital bills for operations, and paying schools fees for the underprivileged, maintaining orphans, widows & widowers, some not even met by her to God’s Glory.