There are a lot of people going through abuse, even in the body of Christ, and are in denial, ashamed, bitter or angry with their situation to talk about it or No one is ready to listen and help them. We all have gone through one Form of abuse in life and it is best to deal with it and not let abuse deal with you by  being in denial as some people do until it becomes a life torment or too late. I have been there and God has a way of pulling you above your situation & healing & restoring you beyond human understanding, only if you believe in HIM and HIS word. If I am free from abuse, anyone can be free from abuse! Believe me………..By Founder of R.A.P

RAP -Nigeria would like to encourage you that we have come to Nigeria to make a difference and breach the gaps by aiming to restore and change lives for good in the lives of the oppressed, deprived and abused in the society and we are aware that:

  • Nigeria has seen its fair share of abuse of power, corruption, exploitation, nepotism and dictatorship just to mention a few vices.
  • Moreover, that Courts and police in the society are reluctant to intervene to protect women who accuse their husbands formally if the level of alleged abuse does not exceed customary norms in the areas this has increased the level of rape and sexual harassment in the society.
  • Elders abuse are becoming an endangered species in this country and children abandoning their vulnerable elders at home to die prematurely of hunger or lack of care
  • Elders experiencing a toll of institutional abuse by non-payment or irregular payments of pensions and gratuities 
  • Increased rate of child Abuse cases ranging from rape, incest to defilement of young girls from as young as three years of age.
  • In Nigeria, it is a common sight to find children hawk walking, jumping and running to meet up the pace of moving vehicles so as to exchange articles for money with motorists along major busy roads and streets of the nation. 
  • That most of these children found in the streets never return home at the end of such transactions as they pass the nights under bridges, sleep inside school buildings or incredibly sleep inside market stalls, their places of abode and also act as guide to beggars

RAP NIGERIA will ensure that meaningful life returns to as many of the Nigerians especially children that we come in contact and that they are not denied the basic right to life, thereby enabling them become happy and contributes their own quota to the development of Nigeria when they are grown by:

  • Raising Public Awareness of all forms of abuse
  • Establishing and strengthening a Legal and Penal Support System
  • Promotion of Education as an Alternative Strategy
  • Prevention approaches that go beyond raising awareness to focus on healing the Psychological, post-traumatic and humanitarian assistance needs of victims.

RAP NIGERIA since 2006 has had an overwhelming Thank you for our humanitarian Service provision of:

  • Educational Sponsorship and gifting to schools and pupils
  • Meeting welfare needs of the deprived
  • Raising Awareness of Abuse in Schools
  • Paying hospital bills for the deprived
  • Providing hospitals with mosquito nets.